After offering the O shot for women for years, I am so pleased to be able to offer another procedure that can enhance female Intimate Wellness.

Clitoxin(TM) is a procedure which uses botulinum toxin and PRP to enhance sexual function.

I am sure you are familiar with botulinum toxin because of what it can do for the face.

There has been research that shows that botulinum toxin can do more that reduce wrinkles

It has been used for migraines, to improve the appearance of scars and to improve erectile dysfunction.

It appears that botulinum toxin can stimulate collagen formation, improve nerve health and blood flow under certain circumstances.

Dr. Runels studied what happened with patients when botulinum toxin with and without PRP was injected into the clitoris.

They found that most women spontaneously volunteered that they were more easily aroused and had a greater desire to have sex.

As you know there are many factors that can have an impact on female sexual function- stress levels, hormone levels, self confidence, blood flow, nerve health, brain chemistry and the health of the genital tissues.

There is no magic bullet. The PRP uses in the O shot improves blood flow, health of the tissue and health of the nerves.

Clitoxin(TM) appears to impact the part of the nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system and signals to the part of the brain where arousal resides. It sets the state where it is easier to become aroused and become intimate.

Here is a summary of the hypothesis of how Clitoxin (R) works.

  1. Botulinum neurotoxin is injected into the clitoris. It appears to travel along the nerves in the walls of the vagina and signal a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which is where the arousal center is.
  2. The hypothalamus sends signals to the brain the the genitalia facilitating arousal, desire, and lubrication and facilitate orgasm to increase sexual satisfaction.
  3. Botulinum stimulates new vessel formation, nerve formation and improved circulation. If combined with PRP, the regeneration is magnified.