The O Shot is a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection treatment aimed at enhancing female intimate wellness, targeting areas like the vagina, clitoris, labia minora, and perineum.

The O shot plus addresses issues such as vaginal dryness, bladder leakage, and sensitivity, and aids in healing vaginal and perineal trauma. The process involves drawing your blood, extracting and activating platelets, and then injecting them to stimulate tissue regenerationtaking the tissue to a healthier state.

We perform the O shot Plus, using higher concentration PRP. More platelets, more growth factors and better results.

The procedure, non-surgical and non-hormonal, is well-received by patients, though it’s not a universal solution.

Please take the time to read the entire website. Most questions are answered on this site. Education is empowerment.

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O-Shot FAQs

What is the O-Shot?

The O shot Orchid Shot(tm) – is a procedure which uses PRP (Platelet rich plasma) injections for feminine rejuvenation. After PRP is injected, the platelets release growth factors that can help improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and make the tissues and nerves healthier. Vulvar and vaginal tissues become healthier. There is improvement in support of the bladder. This can result in less dryness, improved sensation, easier orgasms and less bladder leaking.

What is the O-Shot Plus?

The O shot plus is a modification of the O shot that uses higher concentration PRP which contains more platelets resulting in more growth factors and more biostimulation. The clitoris is the area with the most nerve endings, however; there are other areas that are sensitive as well- the labia minora (inner lips), the outer area of the vagina and the area under the urethra. There are additional PRP injections that are customized depending on your goals.

How is the procedure performed?

You will be in the office for 45-60 minutes. The actual O shot procedure takes 5-10 minutes to perform but we take time with every patient in order to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

You come into the office. We answer any questions you may have. The blood is drawn for the PRP. Please make sure to come into the office well hydrated. We leave the room. You get undressed and draped. Dr. Kelley applies numbing cream to the area. The numbing cream is left on for 20 minutes while the PRP is being processed. Prior to the O shot plus injection, Dr. Kelley uses a small needle to inject a small amount of Lidocaine to provide more numbing. The O shot plus is then performed. You are then able to go home. We ask that you wait for 3 days before resuming sexual activity to give time for the platelets to set up and release their growth factors. It is normal to have swelling in the areas of injection.

Does the O shot hurt?

Everything is done to make this procedure as comfortable. Dr. Kelley is a very gentle injector and will explain everything. We use a strong topical numbing cream to make the procedure more comfortable. The doctor also performs a small injection of numbing to make things more tolerable. Our patients rate the level of discomfort as a 2 (our pain scale is 1 is no pain and 10 is extremely painful)

How long to see results?

Every one is different. Some respond faster than others. You must give your body time to respond to the growth factors. Typically 6-8 weeks after the injection, you start to see changes. For some, it takes a full 12 weeks to feel the full response to the O shot plus.

How many shots do we recommend ?

We are finding that there can be improvement with one shot but having more than one shot can cause further improvement. The recommendation of 1 or 2 shots is individualized depending on your history and your symptoms. We believe that adding the V fit Gold home intimate wellness device to the package enhances the results of the O shot plus

How much does the O shot cost?

The price for the O shot plus is $1850. The Gold Package is $3150. Scroll down on the page to see the different options we offer. Make sure to download the $250 Off Voucher on the site.

We only offer high concentration PRP because it has given our patients better results. Harvesting high concentration PRP is a process that takes a few more steps to perform than obtaining low concentration PRP. We use a double spin PRP harvesting system. If you are shopping around, make sure to ask what type or PRP is used for the O shot. The amount of platelets have an impact on the effectiveness of the procedure.

Is there anything else that you recommend to give better results?

We recommend the V-Fit Gold home device to help with dryness, leaking and sensation. More info about the V-fit is below.

We also recommend VRS vaginal growth factors for home use. These high quality growth factors are amazing and help with vaginal dryness and vulvar conditions. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT VRS

We also offer the Vampire Winglift. It combines injections of fillers and PRP for the labia majora. It works similarly to the Vampire Facelift. There is volume restoration and improvement in the health of the skin and there can be improved sensation with intimacy.

Picture of v fit gold vaginal rejuvenation home device and cell phone showing app

V-fit Gold for Intimate Wellness

Home Device to enhance your O-Shot results. The V-fit Gold device uses red LED light, vibration and heat to improve blood flow and the health of the tissues.

It helps with leaking, dryness and sensation and has a synergy with the O shot leading to enhanced results.

After using V-fit every other day for 6 weeks, 95% of users felt improved intimate wellness and 89% felt more confidence with intercourse and improved sensation with intercourse.

The V-fit Gold offered at our office is the highest power, professional version of the device.

Price for the V-fit Gold is $395

Vampire Winglift for Vulvar Rejuvenation

Injections in the Labia Majora “wings” to plump and rejuvenate the external genitalia. Can give a more youthful appearance to the area.

This procedure can improve sensation and sexual function.

Price for the Vampire Winglift is $1200

It is $995 as an add on to the O shot

Actual Patient Testimonial about O-Shot

Pricing for O shot Packages

We know that pricing is important but it should not be the most important. The O shot is an intimate procedure. You want to make sure your provider is qualified, certified and gentle.

O shot PLUS

The O shot plus uses hi concentration PRP.
  • The O shot plus uses hi concentration PRP and more areas are injected.

Intimate Wellness GOLD

Includes 2 O-shot Plus and the V-fit GOLD home device. (Savings of $900)
  • • 2 O-shot Plus treatments

  • • Best option to treat leaking, dryness and improve orgasms

  • • Complimentary V-fit medical grade intimate wellness device

Vampire Winglift

Hyaluronic filler and PRP rejuvenate the labia majora.
  • • Rejuvenates the labia

  • • Restores more youthful shape

  • to the labia

  • • May improve sensation