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O-Shot FAQs

What is the O-Shot?

The O shot is a procedure which uses PRP (Platelet rich plasma) injections for feminine rejuvenation and to improve Intimate Wellness. After PRP is injected, the platelets release multiple growth factors that can help improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and make the tissues and nerves healthier. The vaginal tissue becomes healthier. There is improvement in support of the bladder. This can result in less dryness, improved sensation, easier orgasms and less bladder leaking.

We now offer the O shot plus which includes additional injections of PRP for enhancement of orgasmsAdditional PRP is injected in the clitoris, labia minora and vagina. These areas all contain numerous nerve endings and can benefit from enhancement of sensation.

Does the O shot hurt?

Everything is done to make this procedure as comfortable. Dr. Kelley is a very gentle injector and will explain everything. We use a strong topical numbing cream to make the procedure more comfortable. The doctor also performs a small injection of numbing to make things more tolerable. Our patients rate the level of discomfort as a 2 (our pain scale is 1 is no pain and 10 is extremely painful)

How long to see results?

Every one is different. Some respond faster than others. You must give your body time to respond to the growth factors. Typically 4-6 weeks after the injection, you start to see changes.

How many shots do we recommend ?

We are finding that there can be improvement with one shot but having more than one shot can cause further improvement. The recommendation of 1 or 2 shots is individualized depending on your history and your symptoms. We believe that adding the V fit intimate wellness device to the package enhances the results of the O shot and is a home use reinforcement for Intimate Wellness.

What is the O-Shot Plus?

The O shot plus is a modification of the O shot that uses double the amount of PRP and additional injections to provide further support for improved orgasm. The clitoris is the area with the most nerve endings, however; there are other areas that are sensitive as well- the labia minora (smaller lips), the outer area of the vagina and the area under the urethra.

If you have a scar from a tear or episiotomy that occurred during a vaginal delivery, injecting those areas with PRP can help.

What is Intimate Wellness?

This is a more progressive approach to assessing sexual function, libido enhancement, pelvic support and optimal health. Most of us would like to have a one time procedure that gives forever results. This is not a realistic expectation. Does working out with weights one time lead to long term maintenance of muscle. It doesn’t. The health of those structures involved in intimate wellness needs to be maintained. With childbirth, hormone changes and aging, these areas can change. The O shot can rejuvenate and restore but providing ongoing support for Intimate health and wellness will lead to longer lasting results. That is why we have created programs to enhance the O shot. For some, getting an shot once a year may be optimal. For others, get their initial O shots and maintaining with the other Intimate Wellness options may be enough. Each of us is different and unique and have different goals.

V-fit Gold for Intimate Wellness

Home Device to enhance your O-Shot results

The V-fit Gold is a home device that use red LED light, vibration and heat to improve issues of female intimate wellness-orgasm, bladder leaking, dryness and sensation. After using V-fit every other day for 6 weeks, 95% of users felt improved intimate wellness and 89% felt more confidence with intercourse and improved sensation with intercourse.

We recommend that every woman who gets the O shot also get this device for whom use. It will enhance the results of the O shot.

The V-fit Gold offered at our office is the highest power, professional version of the device. You do not have to pay for the $99 upgrade like the V-fit devices that are able to be purchased online.

Price for the V-fit Gold is $395

Actual Patient Testimonial about O-Shot

Pricing for O shot Packages

Our view on the importance of price – We know that pricing is important but it should not be the most important. The O shot is an intimate procedure. You want to make sure your provider is qualified, certified and gentle.

We have a few options for pricing. We have recently added the O shot plus for enhancement of sexual function. It uses more PRP and more areas are injected to enhance the health of the tissues and nerves.

O shot

The original O shot can help leaking, dryness, orgasms and lichen sclerosus.
  • • Helps orgasms

  • • Helps dryness

  • • Helps bladder leaking

O shot PLUS

The O shot plus uses hi concentration PRP with more platelets. More platelets means more growth factors.
  • This procedure uses double the quantity of PRP used with the regular O shot. It also uses hi concentration PRP. More PRP is injected in the anterior vagina and clitoris.

  • Additional injections of PRP are individualized for each patient.

Intimate Wellness GOLD

Uses high concentration PRP. This is the best option to treat dryness, leaking, orgasm. Includes 2 O-shot Plus and the V-fit GOLD home device. (Savings of $900)
  • • 2 O-shot Plus treatments

  • • Best option to treat leaking, dryness and improve orgasms

  • • Complimentary V-fit medical grade intimate wellness device